Credit Rating Definition And Measuring Scale PACRA Pakistan

Credit rating is a measure of your ability to repay your loan. If lenders think you can pay off their loan installments and interest on time, then their credit rating will look good. This made it clear that credit rating is not an opinion on a country’s economy, although the volume and growth rate of the economy is an important factor inYour credit rating should be what you want to borrow.Credit Rating Definition And Measuring Scale PACRA Pakistan

If your credit rating improves, lenders will be satisfied with their investment and will require lower interest rates. If the rating is bad, the credit risk in lending you is high, so relatively high-interest rates will be required. In the case of a typical banking customer, the bank itself charges a credit rating and charges interest accordingly. But in the case of a company or a country or a large amount of debt, it is required that the rating be made from an authorized credit rating company whose opinion is both neutral and impartial to both the lender and the borrower.

Credit Rating Definition And Measuring Scale PACRA Pakistan

Credit Rating Definition And Measuring Scale PACRA Pakistan

Credit Rating Agencies:

  • There are local and international credit rating agencies around the world that provide credit rating services at no charge. These include Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s Investors Service and Fitch Top List.
    Since credit rating scales vary slightly with different rating agencies, we understand for example the rating scale of modes. There are twenty levels on the rating scale of the modes. Top AAA shows the best credit rating. For countries with a credit rating of AAA, it is easier to borrow on the simplest terms. The lowest, that is, 21st Century C, shows that you have defaulted on your existing loan and the chances of recovery are very low, lending you more is worth dipping your money.

Pakistan Credit Rating:

  • Unfortunately, Pakistan is currently at 16th level B3 on this scale. For the past ten years, we have been consistently rating the same. In the previous period of the PPP, there was another two-tier decline, but in the PML-N government, the rating returned to B3 and it is still there. India is ranked ninth in the scale and you can see that their credit rating is much better than ours. Our partner countries with B3 credit rating include Angola, Mongolia, Bosnia, Jamaica, Belarus, and Ecuador.


  • The question that arises here is, if our credit rating is right there, then why was there so much noise? This noise is actually raised when the outlook is changed. Let’s try to find out what a credit rating outlook is. The thing is, with every credit rating, the rating agency also states that if your situation is in the right direction, your credit rating may decrease, improve, or remain the same in the future. ۔


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