Importance of Student Teacher Relationships In Pakistan

Importance of Student-Teacher Relationships In Pakistan. Dr. Springer says, “The educational system and the various elements that drive it – teachers and students – are able to go through the educational process not only by their own characteristics but also by becoming aware of the society through the stage of realization.” There are also the chiefs: “When viewed primarily in the educational process, the reciprocal relationship between teacher and student is something without which the educational process cannot be completed. Because the students and the educational process all come from the community, the student’s and teachers’ happy relationships actually play an important role in shaping the ideal society.

Because students and teachers are the classes of any society in which relationships are not ideally structured, then no society in the world can ever be sustainable and prosperous, in the context of education and training. The relationship between these two classes is not limited to mere teaching or classroom examination, but an ideal teacher is one who empowers his students through the process of self-discipline and makes them a good member of society. Become a self-aware and realistic citizen, be aware of all the problems of life and issues. Unless an individual sincerely accepts the reality of economic and social problems while living in a society, he will never, by demonstrating realism, truly seek solutions to these problems, which is why Sofia They say that self-realization is actually God-aware.

Importance of Student Teacher Relationships In Pakistan

Importance of Student Teacher Relationships In Pakistan

There is no doubt that the teacher and the students should not be business-minded but should be fully social and spiritual, a teacher does the student’s spiritual, moral, social and psychological training. That he believes that in the future, some of them have to take over the leadership of the country at the expense of their leadership skills. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the teacher to teach the students about the problems and ways of relieving them in life.

All of this is possible when a good teacher uses his hidden abilities in his student to build his character so that he can subjugate his life according to all his calculations and truths in practice. If the student is successful in doing so, then it is understood that he has paid the right to train a teacher. One thing to keep in mind is that this is all possible or can happen when students have to perform the sacred relationship between themselves and the teacher in front of the curriculum, their duty is to imitate their teachers. ۔

I consider my teachers to be imitators of myself, along with their guidance, which is why they say that children follow teachers only when teachers are exemplary in their actions and actions. In order to be an ideal teacher, the teacher must demonstrate his style, sophistication in practice as well as the correctness of dress and the correctness of his conduct so that students understand the problems of the universe in their imitation of the reality of the universe. Understand.

In short, you can say that if the relationships between teachers and students are not pleasant and ideal in the teaching process, a healthy society will never be able to appear. Because the key to the general education process is the students and the teachers themselves. So unless the nature of the relationship between the two is pleasant, there will be a lack of a pleasant educational process, institutions should always focus on activities that can improve the relationship between students and teachers. Because the formation, construction and development and prosperity of national life depend on these two central characters.

But if you look at recent educational problems and causes, the results look radically different. The nature of relationships between students and teachers is not seen in the educational institutions that characterize our society, religion and educational process. The teacher seeks to protect his honor from the students. Through a line of respect between the teacher and the student, the students have transformed it into a cheerful gossip, rather than a hassle-free, casual environment.

Marvelous love has thrown literature and relations into the abyss. The role of the teacher is nothing but a guide to students on a smartboard. Names of training, literature, harmony, and relationships are nowhere to be found. There is a great need to focus on the reasons for this wide gap between teachers and students. If the Government of Pakistan wants the nature of relations to be restored, there will be a dire need to raise funds on an emergency basis, otherwise, education, educational process, relations, and training will be buried in the books. Finding it will not be found. I think the reasons for turning a pleasant relationship into a catastrophe could be the following.

Given that the nature of the relationship between the students and the teacher is no longer a spiritual enterprise, the teachers have also transformed the profession to fulfill their needs because, in the social competition, they also have to provide their children with all the facilities. Provide what it needs at all times, so without a better salary, it is not possible for a teacher to use it for economic improvement rather than wasting his leadership skills.

Obviously, when a business relationship goes on, rather than a spiritual relationship between the student and the teacher, the nature of the relationship between the two will also be entrepreneurial and not honorable. Therefore, it is now seen in educational institutions that the relationship between students and teachers is becoming more and more endless. In this age of computer technology, students are beginning to think of themselves as more intelligent devotees than teachers who know the best use of technology, so the literature on modernity has become very old.

In such a situation the ideal role of the teacher is also lacking in the educational process. What has most affected our educational process is the end of children’s heroism in the Western world. In ancient times, children’s heroes were the role of Muslim history who, through their determination and leadership skills, made history. And the times have changed, as Khalid bin Waleed, Mohammed bin Qasim, Musa bin Naseer, and Tariq bin Zayed now appear to have dated this role in our children’s history.

Now their heroes are in Hollywood, Bollywood as well as the role of computer games that have nothing to do with reality. In addition to the government, parents also have to play their role positively in order to prevent this growing gap between the teacher and the student, so that the teacher, with all his integrity, sincerity and ability, will be exemplary. Assists in creating students who are guaranteed good and prosperous Pakistan.

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