Unity Faith And Discipline In Pakistan

A flag dominates the nation either it is subdivided into caste, color, creed or any boundary that separates them from others according to their culture and traditions. I saw the people of my country standing under the green and white color flag and a moon with star was imprinted on it. It was a sign of high moral value showing unity and peace among each other then I focused t with a high magnification of heart eye that those people were also carrying different types of flags in their hands which was certainly indicating that there was a clash dominating in all of them. Unfortunately, youth is playing an important role in this crisis.

It is a peak time for to unite the far of ideology and hearts but when I noticed the condition of youth which was divided into different counsels just on the basis of boundaries and language, there were tears in my hearts and my eyes were wrinkled to throw them out. I belong to a saraiki region but first I am a Pakistani. No doubt there are problems everywhere but it is not a solution to create unrest in community by breaking all the rules of peace and religion. Pakistan is mother of for all sons naming PUNJAB, SINDH, KPK, BALOCHISTAN, GILGIT BALTISTAN AND KASHMIR. It is not in the heritage to fight with brothers just for nothing. Inferiority complex always damage relation.


Unity Faith And Discipline In Pakistan

Unity Faith And Discipline In Pakistan

Last days a clash took place between two individualist counsels in a university which resulted in injury of many students. University took a strict action against and it is a very good treatment for them but the main thing is to eradicate this cancer existing in moral psychology of our youth. Parents expect their blood to convert thorns into flowers but if that blood becomes a thorn for them too then they become hopeless from hope of prosperity and that blood has no importance for its nation too.

We need no terrorists to destroy us if our youth is has no unity and inferiority complex is existing in them. Almost 35000 people sacrificed their life just for this nation in front of those who came here to separate but if we are doing the same thing then unfortunately we are wasting the value of beloved blood.

This is the time to be one. Always support unity in community not in individualism. This virus in our youth has much more effect on nerves than drugs.


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